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I'm a photographer and also the builder and owner of this website, www.myartspaces.com You're welcome to ask me anything as long as you don't ask about my personal life. Privacy is cool. Follow my subscription account https://myartspaces.com/ikonsubmode

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September 18
Park City, Utah
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Good morning! To see more of my work visit my Subscription site. The links in my profile. I post there a lot more.

One the things that has kept me from shooting is that last year my van broke down and I didn't feel safe driving it. I had an old car and it would get me around but I didn't feel safe in it either. My van is fixed now. I have a new car. Life is good. I can travel. I can shoot. I cam start shooting tin types. i posted a lot of images on my subscription page this morning. To see what I posted click on the link in my profile.

Good morning! Enjoy and to see more all you need to do is join the other subscribers on my Sub page! The link is in my profile!


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